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Isabelle Beernaert is a succesful and well-known choreographer in The Netherlands and Belgium. She produces the theatre shows Ne Me Quitte Pas (2011), Et Après (2012), C’est la Vie (2013), Red, Yellow & Blue (2013-2014), Glass (2014-2015), Under my Skin (2015-2016), Tabula Rasa (2017-2018).

Her education at the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp (Belgium) gave Isabelle a strong classica and technical foundation. Besides the classical background, Isabelle developed herself in modern techniques such as Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Limon and Matt Mattox. She also professionalized in more ethnic techniques such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Indian and African dance styles, which she combines with up-to-date knowledge of modern styles like mime, breakdance and more. Isabelle won The International Dance Award of modern-jazz technique in France and worked with several international known choreographers and for international events at that time. 

Besides that knowledge, her education in music, styling and fine arts creates a broad base for the total experience that she expresses in the choreographies. 

•  Choreographer since 2009 for the television show So You Think You Can Dance in the Netherlands and Belgium and in 2012 for Ukraine 
• Winner of the television show The Ultimate Dance Battle 2011 (NL/BE) 
• Winner of the Dance Award chosen by the audience of the Netherlands in 2012 and 2012 with her productions Et Après and Red, Yellow & Blue. 
• Winner of the KBC Dance Award in Belgium for Young Choreographers in 2007 
• Winner of the International Dance Award of modern and jazz technique in France

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