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are enriching days or weeks in

a beautiful natural surrounding

Organised by Isabelle Beernaert in collaboration with different coaches depending on the thematic of the intensives 




The Flemish Ardennes.



The goal is to move, with the body, the heart, the mind, the soul.


The flow of life energy ...


Journeys between reflection, silence and movement.


Move, walk, meditate, breathe, release, dance ...

in a creative and organic way



Our body is secured by patterns.

We get stiff with repetition.

Our hearts are also frozen into automatic routines.

Soon we are numb and insensitive to what we really feel.

And our minds quickly become blinded by anything that is accepted without question.

The imposed values ​​make it impossible for us to see what is there.

We are programmed for boredom.


By dancing, moving with the story and the music in our body, we can make the journey from our body to our heart, beyond our mind to

a different sense of existence, a total union with our being.

Timeless movements of the body, the heart, the mind, the soul and the mind…  and to create and discover the incredible grace and perfect shaping of the human psyche.

By dancing you set your psyche in motion and through this way you can heal.

By dancing you make your way through the wasteland of endless brooding and find your way

back to the familiar bottom of your own two feet.


Isabelle Beernaert


After completing a professional training in Classical Ballet, divers Modern & Ethnical dance techniques, Natural movement elements, Visual arts and Music ... adding spiritual, holistic, ancient knowledge and philosophies of different cultures...and having a career as a professional dancer, teacher and her current path as a choreographer/ producer, 

Isabelle experienced an intense and beautiful  journey with her body, heart, mind and soul.

She wants to share this knowledge and essentials with you by organising intensives with different perspectives and for multiple level and age categories 


We hope to meet you and get moved with and by you.

"Our body still recognizes nature as our home".


Of course there are also other possibilities than participating in an event organized by us. You may want to invite Isabelle to be part of your own event by giving a masterclass, workshop or clinic ...

For more information, contact

and follow us on social media.




I could not have imagined in advance that a 'dance week' could have such an impact.

Now two weeks later I can say that I see this week as the start of my further (development) journey.



Summer Intensive 2020

It has re-awakened the fire in me and when I think about it, I start to glow and shine again.

Everyone should experience that feeling!



Summer Intensive 2020

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